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Mui Ne Wind & Water

Mui Ne offers the best conditions in all of Vietnam for wind/water sports and has an average of 227 days per year of wind over 12 knots. 

High season:
November through March (Dry Season) is the windiest. Dry Season ranges between 18-30, with gusts up to 40 knots. There may be no wind days during this season but generally you will not be disappointed.
Wind on the main beach is a North Easterly, cross on shore perfect direction not to get blown out to sea.

Recommended Kite sizes: 7m-12m 

Low season:
April through to October. This is the more quieter time in Mui Ne, less tourists and cheaper prices. We still get acceptable wind but not as strong and not as predictable, there can be times of a week or two with no wind but generally there will be opportunity to ride, bring your larger kites.
Wind on the main beach is a South Easterly, cross on shore.

Recommended Kite sizes: 9m-14m


20-25 degrees. The sea conditions in Mui Ne during no wind times are beautifully flat, getting choppy when the wind speed increases. When the swell picks up the shore break can be challenging for beginners. Kite schools generally will cancel lessons if the shore break gets too large (less kiters on the water), but for most kitesurfers in Mui Ne this is where the fun really begins.

Mui Ne is located in a sheltered bay, with sandy sea bed. For the most part there is no reef or rocks to be found in the kiting areas, but kitesurfers should be wary of kitesurfing to close to the down wind rocky point (please see map) as there can be a larger swell crashing in to the rocks, leaving no safe place to lad your kite. 

Certain climate changes in Mui Ne can attract these creatures. No need to panic as the variety of jelly fish found in Mui Ne are not of a high risk to humans. If you are unlucky enough to get stung a quick rinse with vinegar (supplied by most kite schools) will help relieve the stinging pain. A typical sting will give some red blotches to the effected area and some discomfort, not to dissimilar to a nettle or a bee sting (may be a little more painful). The discomfort usually last for 30 minutes but can be avoided by wearing any man made materials covering exposed areas, ie rash vests, kite pants etc. But most Mui Ne kitesurfers manage to escape the wrath of these wobbly little menaces'.